813 H St.

Ben Franklin
813 H St., Arcata, CA

The Ben Franklin building, whose history spans a century of use as a saloon, bank, men's clothing store, service station, and five and dime store, was remodeled to its present stucco and red tile facade in 1947.

1621 J. Street

Strobel House
1621 J. Street, Arcata, CA

The original house was constructed in about 1874, it was remodeled into a "modern house with gables" in 1904-05. One of the original two houses on this site was torn down to complete the current house when the two old houses were traded for a "steam merry-go-round".

815 8th St.

Depot-Post Office
815 8th St., Arcata, CA

The history of this site goes back to the construction of the Union Wharf in 1855. Considered locally to be the first railroad in the state, the track was built by the Union Plank Walk, Railtrack and Wharf Co. and extended from the rear of this block to deep water near the foot of I Street.

791 8th St.

Jacoby Building
791 8th St., Arcata, CA

The handsomely restored Jacoby Building has, within its walls, the oldest extant structure on the Plaza: a 34' x 104' brick¬and stone storehouse, constructed in 1857 for Augustus Jacoby.

761 8th St.

Union Hotel
761 8th St., Arcata, CA

This four lot building consists of three buildings, constructed at different times, but tied together into one facade and one use--the Union Hotel, established in 1884. The hotel dates back to the very earliest days of the town, when A.


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