796 9th St.

Burns Building
796 9th St., Arcata, CA

In July 1875, a catastrophic fire swept the Plaza burning to the ground the entire block on the north, all the buildings on the west half of the east side of the Plaza, and buildings on the block at the northeast comer.

905 H St

Zehndner Block, 9th & H St.
905 H St, Arcata, CA

Drug stores, general merchandise establishments, "Gents' furnishings stores," cigar factories, barber shops, jewelers and milliners, stationers and taverns were all part of this five store block, built in three sections.

860 H St.

Croghan Building
860 H St., Arcata, CA

The 1850's livery stable which occupied this comer was destroyed by fire in 1885, when the Klamath mail carrier's lantern overturned as he was preparing his horse for the trip north.

853 H St.

853 H St., Arcata, CA

The Humboldt Manufacturing Co.'s general merchandising store was built on this site in 1901 and continues to exist as the south half of the building, but hidden by the 1950's facade.

860 H St.

Bank of Arcata, H St.
860 H St., Arcata, CA

Behind the 1950's facade of these two stores is what remains of the Neoclassical Revival Bank of Arcata building, constructed in 1913. Designed by San Francisco architect, W.H.


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