830 G St.

Gambi Building
830 G St., Arcata, CA

To get a sense that this building has some history, try to imagine it as it was in the 1920's. Large, street level display windows flanked a recessed doorway, above which extended a row of transom windows covered by the ever popular canvas awning.

870 G St.

Barber Shop
870 G St., Arcata, CA

This little shop occupies the twelve foot wide space that John C. Bull, Jr. leased to the Arcata Hook and Ladder Co. in 1888 for the hose house and bell tower, which were destroyed in the November 1889 fire. The present building was constructed in the spring of 1904 and first rented by Wilbur W.

1376 H. Street

Ericson House
1376 H. Street, Arcata, CA

This restored settlement period house was built in 1870 for mule packer Charles Booth. In 1878 it became the home of Photographer A.W. Ericson and his family, remaining in family ownership for nearly a century.

808 G St.

Union Building
808 G St., Arcata, CA

For seventy five years, this little false front building was the home of the Arcata Union newspaper, established in 1886 and moved to this location in 1901.


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