791 G St.

Arcata Muffler
791 G St., Arcata, CA

In the fall of 1931, General Petroleum of California announced that it would build a gas station, "one of the most attractive on the entire Redwood Highway and ...

697 8th St.

Pioneer Livery Stable
697 8th St., Arcata, CA

The former historic structure at the southeast comer of the Plaza was the "large and commodious" Pioneer Livery Stable, built in the mid 1870's for William Kirkby, who was "prepared to furnish some very handsome turnouts" for local folks and those travelers arriving by sh

808 G St.

Plaza Garage
808 G St., Arcata, CA

In 1903, lumberman Noah Falk drove the first automobile in Arcata and the town was never the same from that time forward as new services and skills were needed to keep the new fangled contraptions on the road.

826 G St.

Western Auto Building


826 G St.
United States
40° 52' 5.6064" N, 124° 5' 8.9628" W
826 G St., Arcata, CA

A modern front and unassuming appearance belie this building's colorful past as the Bavarian Saloon, C.C. Crawford's Hardware store, and Arcata's first "moving picture show" (1908).


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