791 8th St.

Jacoby Building
791 8th St., Arcata, CA

Year Built: 

Settlement Architecture c. 1850-1885

The handsomely restored Jacoby Building has, within its walls, the oldest extant structure on the Plaza: a 34' x 104' brick¬and stone storehouse, constructed in 1857 for Augustus Jacoby. Supplies were brought by ship from San Francisco to far off Humboldt Bay, and transported from the Union Wharf by rail to A. Jacoby's. Mule trains then packed the provisions to the interior mining camps on the Trinity, Klamath and Salmon Rivers, where they were exchanged for the hard won gold extracted from these streams.

Other merchandising companies H. Fleishman & Co., J. Greenbaum, & Co., and J. Greenwald continued the enterprise. Sacchi expanded his Sacchi Service Station from the north side. The north store was the home of the Bank of Arcata from 1886 until it moved to the new bank up the street in 1891. Men's haberdasheries occupied the space until Sacchi opened the Arcata Vulcanizing Works here in 1919. The Sacchi Service Station utilized the entire building from 1924 until 1947, followed by the opening of Ben Franklin which continues today, almost forty years later.

The building has an intact façade and now has many restaurants and shops.

The original Richards' Block was quite a handsome Victorian building. Mouldings, cornice brackets and highly¬decorative corner and center pilasters provided lavish embellishment to the wood frame building. Centered on the cornice above the entrances to both stores were pediments which identified the occupants. The entire facade of the saloon, consisting of double doors and large, four pane windows topped by a row of transoms, was recessed behind a canvas awning.