Touring Arcata Plaza, Destination # 9

Arcata Muffler

791 G St.

Built: 1932

Period: Craftsman Architecture c. 1910-1930

In the fall of 1931, General Petroleum of California announced that it would build a gas station, "one of the most attractive on the entire Redwood Highway and ... the last word in architecture and convenience of operation." The steel and plate glass building was completed on this comer in the spring of 1932; columns and roof dormers gave the service station a decided Colonial character, enhanced by General Petroleum's green and white colors. The present building is a replacement of that original service station.

The two buildings which were torn down to make way for the service station were built in 1876 and 1885. The older building on the comer was the long time Jacobsen saloon, whose bar was made from a twenty two foot long pepperwood plank brought from Pacific Lumber Company's land at Scotia. The adjoining building, built in 1885, was known as Richert's Hall until 1910 when it became the Arcata Pastime Theatre picture show.