Touring Arcata Plaza, Destination # 8

Pioneer Livery Stable

697 8th St.

Built: 1870's

Period: Settlement Architecture c. 1850-1885

The former historic structure at the southeast comer of the Plaza was the "large and commodious" Pioneer Livery Stable, built in the mid 1870's for William Kirkby, who was "prepared to furnish some very handsome turnouts" for local folks and those travelers arriving by ship.

George Harpst bought the business in 1887, expanded it to include a "wheelroom and a ladies dressing room" during the bicycle craze of the late 1890's, and sold out in 1907 as automobiles began to make inroads into the horse and buggy business. In 1916, Harvey M. Harper leased the old stable for an auto garage; Merle McCann took over the Ford Service Station in 1922, and the business continued here under different ownerships until 1954. The Bank of America was built on the site in 1955.