Touring Arcata Plaza, Destination # 3

Barber Shop

870 G St.

Built: 1904

Period: Transitional Architecture c. 1900-1910

This little shop occupies the twelve foot wide space that John C. Bull, Jr. leased to the Arcata Hook and Ladder Co. in 1888 for the hose house and bell tower, which were destroyed in the November 1889 fire. The present building was constructed in the spring of 1904 and first rented by Wilbur W. Rease for a real estate office. J. W. King, a "recent arrival from the East," opened a shoe repair business that surnmer.

In 1909, Pete Canclini set up his Satisfactory Shoe Repairing Shop here, renting the building for $10 a month. To provide space for a new Champion Shoe Machine, Canclini added a 20¬foot section to the rear in 1912. E. Neri opened a barber shop after Canclini moved next door in 1919. Barbers Frank Nelson, Frank Millerbis, John Larsen, Rex Pyle, Len Jacobs and Tom Morgan kept their chairs filled at this location for many years. Delilah's continues that sixty seven year tradition. Not much has changed for the little barber shop; it still fits quite well into its tiny space after eighty two years.