Touring Arcata Plaza, Destination # 26

Bull's Meat Market

782 9th St.

Built: 1905

Period: Transitional Architecture c. 1900-1910

Hailed by the Arcata Union as the "first substantial improvement on this side of the square in thirty years," Bull's Meat Market opened in its new building in December 1905. The model meat market was described in the December 23, 1905 edition of the Arcata Union:

"The building presents a substantial appearance, the lower story being painted carmine and the upper finished in imitation brown stone, sanded. The upper floor, which has not been finished up as yet, is lighted by two bay windows from the front and three light wells in the
middle and back parts. In the front of the building is a disappearing crank awning of the latest pattern."

Three previous buildings, dating to Arcata's early days, were meat markets. The present building continued to be used as a market by the Bull Family until 1933. Other owners managed the market until the 1940's. It became a bowling alley before the Office Cocktail Lounge opened in the 1950's.

The paired bay windows of the 1905 building, projecting cornice with brackets, and dentil ornamentation created a handsome facade for the Meat Market. Remodeling in 1936 put a "new face" on the building, probably meaning the bays were removed and the stucco added. Restoration of a shiplap siding, decorative woodwork, and the paired bays would recall the old Market's history.