Touring Arcata Plaza, Destination # 24

Buck's Cafe

Vacant Lot 9th St.

Built: 1887

Period: Victorian Architecture c. 1885-1900

Following a long and generally prosperous life as a restaurant, the building on this lot was demolished in October 1964 after it was condemned by the City. Its history went back to the summer of 1887 when George Tilley "commenced the erection of a building on his lot next to Pardee's and Knight's saloon." By August it was "looming up in good style" and within the month was occupied by a cigar and tobacco store. In the spring of 1890, the building was "fitted up" for Munson's restaurant. Between 1914 and 1927, the building housed a stationery store, Florence McCullough's millinery shop, and Mrs. Mathews' novelty store. After these stores closed, a restaurant returned and operated until 1960. Augustus Strobel had his restaurant and bakery here from 1894 until 1901, followed by the Pearl run by Mrs. Fielding. In 1927, Chris Buck opened Buck's Cafe, which the family ran until 1948. The Arcata Union of October 30, 1964 published a photograph of Buck's Cafe as it was going down--the end of an institution known as the "place where no one has ever been turned away hungry." The Alibi purchased this lot 2003 to expand their restaurant. Its in the process of being built and expected to open October 2015.