Touring Arcata Plaza, Destination # 21


784 9th St.

Built: 1875

Period: Settlement Architecture c. 1850-1885

Built after the July 1875 fire, this little building was first occupied by A.B. Gallinger, whose business is unknown. His name appears above the entrance in an 1881 lithograph in Elliott's History of Humboldt County, California. During its 110 year life, this simple storefront has seen yeoman's service as the Ericson Bros. variety store and Reading Room before the tum of the century. In the 1900's, the building housed the Waite Brothers' harness shop, Jess McAfee's Popular Cigar Store, Walter Gow's Fan Cigar Store and Pool Parlors, and Charles Leveque's cigar factory. The latter business was purchased by 30¬year veteran cigar maker, Carl Swap, in 1916. Swap's association with the building lasted until his death in 1933. Gus Peterson took over the business which had, by this time, expanded into sporting goods. He added a lunch counter and ran the dual enterprise until the mid 1940's when 784 9th Street became Everett's Club.

The building's early facade with a projecting, multi-pane display window and double entrances has long since disappeared. However, the building is recognizable in early Plaza photographs as today's Everett's Club because a few features have remained: its cream colored stucco facade, trimmed in blue, and a notable girl-in-the¬cocktail glass windows flanking the swinging doors.

Blue laws required all the bars to be on the north side of the Plaza, in order for the police to manage the lumberjacks when they came to town for the weekend.