Touring Arcata Plaza, Destination # 16

Bank of Arcata, 833 H St.

833 H St.

Built: 1913


Behind the 1950's facade of these two stores is what remains of the Neoclassical Revival Bank of Arcata building, constructed in 1913. Designed by San Francisco architect, W.H. Weeks, the Bank had "no equal in the County" and, in fact, "few towns of this size in California even, [could] boast of such a beautiful building," wrote an Arcata Union reporter at the time of the Bank's opening in January 1914.

The reporter continued:

"The building is constructed of reinforced concrete, built upon the most modem and substantial lines and as far as stability is concerned, the building could be just as well carved out of one solid piece of granite. It is burglar, fire and earthquake proof and also proof against the ravages of time and changes of administration, which certainly make it "some building."

The front of the building has classic lines, resembling in a way, the historic temples of the ancients, wrought in imperishable stone. Four graceful Corinthian columns support the massive roof beams and the detail gives an impression that is both graceful and dignified. The style of finish is white glazed matt terra cotta. Little did that reporter know when he wrote those words that this fine building would indeed lose its architectural features and beauty to the "ravages of time and changes of administration."