Touring Arcata Plaza, Destination # 15

Arcata Bakery

H Street

Built: 1895

Period: Victorian Architecture c. 1885-1900

Merchant John E. Crawford had the "White Front' constructed in 1895. Advertising dry goods, groceries, grain, shoes, "gents' furnishings," and hardware, the White Front opened in January 1896 and continued under Crawford family ownership until 1904, when Nelson Johansen bought the business. Several clothing stores passed through the building before 1917, when the Arcata Bakery opened a business which lasted forty years at this location.

The original building was a handsome Victorian affair with moulded and grooved comer boards which terminated in large brackets at the top of the building. A fancy cornice, lined with smaller brackets and topped with finials, was notable for its center gable. Panels and mouldings highlighted the large display windows flanking the recessed entryway. Remnants of that facade and the building's form and window locations make it a good candidate for restoration.

The transom windows were restored in the lower part of the building and is occupied by the Art Center, with residential on the second floor and a health provider in the rear.