Touring North Arcata, Destination # 2

Ericson House

1376 H. Street

Built: 1878

Period: Settlement Architecture c. 1850-1885

This restored settlement period house was built in 1870 for mule packer Charles Booth. In 1878 it became the home of Photographer A.W. Ericson and his family, remaining in family ownership for nearly a century. Through his photography, Ericson recorded almost fifty years of the region's history native people, mining, logging, ships, towns, celebrations, agriculture, railroads, people, houses and the landscape. Characteristic of Arcata's settlement architecture are the front gable form, open porch with split posts and balcony railing, and off centered front door with transom and sidelights. Original multi paned windows and the picket and lattice fence, so long associated with this comer, are now gone. The Ericson House is significant to the community as a good example of settlement architecture and for its association with a man who made a lasting, visual record of the region's development from settlement into the modem world.